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Infant Feeding Schedule

Infant Feeding Schedule: Feed your baby and monitor the growth

Are you a mother of a new born baby? Are you anxious about when to feed your baby? Then you need an infant feeding schedule to feed your baby properly. A new born baby is completely dependent on his/her parents. At the very early stage only breast feeding is enough. A proper and timely manner of feeding is very essential for the growth and nutrition of your baby. The parents need to take some practice and follow some instructions until they set up a schedule. When you will feed your baby properly the growth and weight of your baby will increase simultaneously. You can ensure the appropriate nutrition of your baby in this way. If you want to include some formula to the diet list of your baby then you can read my article on baby formula reviews to choose the ideal one.

Why you need the Infant Feeding Schedule?

Infant feeding schedule is essential for you and your baby. You must be conscious while feeding your baby. During the first few months, only breast feeding can be enough for your baby. There are also some babies who are formula-fed. Usually breastfeed infants take a small amount at a time and they need more frequent feedings than the formula-fed infants. The babies generally eat every three to four hours. That’s why you need to make an infant feeding schedule. You can offer your baby a bottle of formula for recovery. These elements like breast milk or formula provides the need of nutrient of your baby. The baby can be fed the milk of the cow when breast milk and formula are no longer offered. It happens usually when the infant turns into one year. When you will introduce the solid foods into your infant feeding schedule, try to offer a plain or single-ingredient food. It will help you in discovering the food allergies of your baby. It will help you in identifying the sensitivities such as skin rashes or diarrhoea.


How does Infant Feeding Schedule save your baby?

You can feed your baby on demand or according to a schedule. If your infant feeding schedule is flexible then your baby can feed frequently. But the demand-feeding may be the best option. Using a regular infant feeding schedule will help you in knowing the time of eating. You can also organize your own schedules according to that schedule. An appropriate infant feeding schedule will make your baby accustomed to it while providing the exact nutrition like vitamins and minerals. These items are needed for the proper growth and gaining weight of your baby. During the feeding the baby can interact with the mother face-to-face. It informs the about the provider of the food and helps in developing the trust and attachment also.

How does Infant Feeding Schedule protect your baby from long-lasting effects?

If you do not maintain your infant feeding schedule then it might cause the inadequate supply of food. They can cause a long-term effect. As a result the weight gaining process of your baby can slow down and many difficulties can arise. The poor infant feeding schedule can reduce some abilities of your baby. Most of the babies are diagnosed with a common problem known as failure to thrive. It is caused due to the lack of vitamins, irons and some other nutritional elements in the diet. The effects of failure to thrive can be very serious. For example your baby will have problem in gaining weight and he/she can be more irritable. The baby might also have poor eye contact. Your baby might reach the development milestones slowly if you lack proper infant feeding schedule.

How does Infant Feeding Schedule help your baby in gaining proper nutrition?

When you feed your baby, he/she gets the nutrition to develop, grow and gain weight. A diet of a baby needs vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and iron. These nutrients help in protecting the body of your baby and stimulate the growth. That’s why the infant feeding schedule is so important. The growth includes several parts of the body like muscles and brain. It also provides energy while protecting the body from illness and establishes greater immunity in the body.

The babies grow quickly in the first year of life. The regularity of infant feeding schedule helps in the development of your baby. If you feed your baby a nutritious diet regularly then it will ensure the growth of the baby. You can also visit the pediatrician to know the actual improvement of your baby.

The infant feeding schedule also teaches the baby how to eat. As a result the baby shows some signs to eat. The baby tries to enjoy some bites of foods. The nutrition’s present in those foods helps the baby for growing in a rapid motion.

Article Summary: if you are planning to set up an infant feeding schedule and wondering about the results then you will find this article very helpful.