Cut Cancer Risk and Live Happily

Various factors can cause a complex illness like cancer. By controlling some physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help us to cut cancer risk. Every year several million of people die from different cancer related diseases. Some factors like physical inactivity, excess weight, poor nutrition and many more are responsible for a lot of people’s death. According to the American Cancer Society, half of this death rate can be reduced by only making some changes in the lifestyle.

To cut cancer risk you need to follow some strategies. A healthy lifestyle is one of those strategies that can help you in reducing the risk of developing cancer.

A large number of research results have proven that regular exercise has a powerful effect in lowering the risk of cancer. It helps by optimizing the insulin inside the body.

Vitamin D is one of the potential natural cancer fighter’s. They have the capability to enter the cancer cells and also in eliminating them. It has a great influence in our body cells. Vitamin D works in every cancer treatment because it has no adverse effect. The cancer patients should maintain a certain level.

Sugars are harmful to the health and it helps in promoting the cancer. Cancer cells use sugar in greater quantity than the normal cells. Specifically the fructose is the most detrimental element and it should be avoided. Moreover, by avoiding sugar you can improve the insulin receptor sensitivity.

If you maintain a healthy body weight it will obviously reduce your risk of cancer. A healthy body weight can be gained by eating the right foods and doing regular exercise. The exercises will help in removing excess body fat which contains some bad elements like estrogen.

A common primary factor for cancer is the deficiency of omega-3. Generally most cancers have some inflammatory mechanism. Omega-3 fats interfere with this inflammatory process straightly and help in reducing the risks.

Processed meats and red meats can increase your risk of cancer. The chemical elements used in processing the meat contain preservatives and many other antimicrobial agents. These preservatives can be converted into cancer-causing elements in your body. Similarly if you eat red meat daily then it can increase colon, prostate and breast cancer risk.
Alcohols are another cause of cancer. So try to avoid drinking the alcohols. But if you can’t then at least try to limit your alcohol drinks.

Curcumin is a very useful option for the cancer treatment. It can found in turmeric as an active ingredient. Turmeric also contains several antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties in it. It is proven that curcumin has a major curative potential in preventing breast cancers. It can be absorbed with the cooked foods.

Always keep an eye on your iron levels. The excessive level of iron can increase your risk of cancer by working as an influential oxidant. This can be checked by doing a simple test of blood, which is known as a serum ferreting test.

A hormone therapy can be a risk factor especially for breast cancer in the women. So try to avoid any type of synthetic hormone therapy to reduce your breast cancer risk.

It is not possible to cut cancer risk completely. But you can keep your risk of cancer very low by eliminating cancer causing foods from your food list and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



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